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Lies Beneath Is A Silent Hill-Inspired VR Horror Game For Quest + Rift

Lies Beneath Is A Silent Hill-Inspired VR Horror Game For Quest + Rift

Following teases earlier this week, Gunheart developer Drifter Entertainment just announced its next VR game, Lies Beneath.

As the initial trailer alluded to, Lies Beneath is a horror game, though today we learned it’s published by Oculus Studios and coming to Oculus Quest first, followed shortly thereafter by Oculus Rift. It’s inspired by the likes of Silent Hill and the Resident Evil series as well as horror comics and TV shows like The Walking Dead. Check out another new trailer below.

Set in the fictional town of Slumber, Alaska (which Drifter has mocked up a fun travel website for) Lies Beneath casts players as Mae. Returning from college, she discovers her home overrun with monsters and takes the fight to them in hopes of saving her father (certainly you can hear a little of Silent Hill in that premise). Alongside the action — which looks to have a mix of both melee and ranged weapons — there will be puzzles and exploration elements, too.

For Drifter, it will mark a turning point in VR development with a narrative-focused game. According to the Oculus blog, it’s been in development for nearly two years. The studio cut its teeth on Quest with an excellent port of Epic Games’ Robo Recall, so we’re excited to see what it can do making its very own game for the platform.

Lies Beneath will launch on Quest on March 31st and then follow on Rift on April 14th. Check back for more on the game in the coming weeks. Looking for more VR horror games? The developer of Dreadhalls just announced its latest title, Cosmophobia.

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