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Iron Man VR Dev 'Super Interested' In Sequel, If The Game Performs

Iron Man VR Dev 'Super Interested' In Sequel, If The Game Performs

Want to see Iron Man VR 2? So does developer Camouflaj.

Note: There’s some spoilers for the ending of Iron Man VR in the following quote, we’ll warn you again before we get to them.

In a spoilercast interview with UploadVR which we’ll publish in full tomorrow, studio founder Ryan Payton touched on the possibility of a follow-up game.

“Look,” Payton began, “I don’t think there’s a developer out there that would work on a game like this, or an original IP and they’re not thinking about if the game’s successful and there’s a sequel, we could this, this and this, and we could set up these things. There’s so much we cut and that’s just the nature of game development, right?”

Okay, here’s where the spoilers kick in.

“And so, obviously, is there a tease at the end of our game where we think it would be really, really cool to be able to not only fly alongside Rescue but be her, for example? Of course, we talk about that stuff all the time, but ultimately it’s up to how the game performs, it’s up to our partners over at PlayStation and Marvel. But as developers we absolutely loved working on Marvel’s Iron Man VR and we would obviously be super interested to continue working on it.”

It’s not too surprising to hear that a potential Iron Man VR 2 depends on how this game sells. Fortunately, things seem to be off to a good start; the game hit the second spot in the UK’s physical sales chart last week.

Payton was understandably coy about where Camouflaj could take a sequel, but did touch on some of the classic comics the team would still like to explore.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a lot of the team members look at Armor Wars and are really excited about what the potential of that could be,” he said. “Because one of the things we wanted to do early on but I had to hit the breaks on was having a lot of different armor for Iron Man to embody. I’m still really happy that we got the Mark 1 in there, really, really happy we got that in there, the team did a fantastic job on it. Do we want to have more armors? Of course, but we doubled down on the Impulse Armor and partially because it was so difficult and time-consuming to build each one of these armor sets.”

Presumably, any such sequel could appear on Sony’s PlayStation 5, which is launching this holiday season and, hopefully, a second PSVR headset. That could really help Camouflaj overcome some of the technical challenges that bother Iron Man VR, which Payton also touched on in the interview. You can follow along with everything we know about PSVR 2 so far right here.

As for Camouflaj itself? Payton says the studio wants to go bigger with VR whatever the future holds. “I think the future of Camouflaj, our hope and desire is to go even bigger,” he said.

“As a team, where we are now compared to where we were back in 2016 when we had no idea what we were doing in VR? We’re a totally different group. We’re much bigger, we’re even more ambitious than we were back in 2016 and we have a good sense for where VR is headed.”

What would you want to see in a potential Iron Man VR 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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