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'Invasion!' Studio Baobab Returns With Second Episode, 'Asteroids!'

'Invasion!' Studio Baobab Returns With Second Episode, 'Asteroids!'

It’s a busy time for Baobab Studios. After release on other platforms, the team is preparing to launch its cutesy debut VR short film, Invasion!, on PlayStation VR, and help with a big screen adaptation of it. But that’s not it has up its sleeves.

Baobab revealed its next film, Asteroids!, at the Oculus Connect 3 developer conference in San Jose this week. The piece is the second episode in a series that started with Invasion!, though it leaves Earth behind. This time viewers will follow the two clumsy aliens that we met in the last episode, Mac and Cheez, as they undertake a dangerous mission. These two were villains in the first episode; could they now become heroes?

Asteroids! boasts the same animation seen Baobab’s first work, which itself is reminiscent of the short films being created at Oculus Story Studio like Henry. It’s a piece for all ages.

The first clip of the film is above. It features Mac playing with his lovable robot sidekick, Peas. While not in VR itself, the sneak peek does give you a good idea of how the piece will utilize the platform. If you do want to watch the preview with a headset, it’s available now on Gear VR for free

Asteroids! launches next year for free. Its running time is three minutes and it arrives on Gear VR. Other platforms haven’t been confirmed but Invasion! moved from Gear to Rift and beyond and we’d expect this to do the same.

Elsewhere, Baobab is working on completely new projects. “In addition to Episode 2, we’re also working on completely other, different IP…that has nothing to do with aliens and bunnies at all,” Maureen Fan, Baobab’s CEO and co-founder, told us back in August. “I can’t say what we’re doing in the future, but you will see soon.”

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