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HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Now Available For Preorder, Shipping March 18

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Now Available For Preorder, Shipping March 18

Announced just a few days ago, the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset is now available to preorder and slated to ship on March 18. At $900, the headset is a more expensive option than the standard HTC Vive Cosmos and comes with a SteamVR tracking faceplate, two SteamVR 1.0 base stations and two original Vive wand controllers.

The standard Vive Cosmos launched late last year and uses an inside-out tracking system with redesigned controllers designed specifically for the Cosmos. The new Cosmos Elite model goes back to the outside-in method of tracking that was used in the original line of pre-Cosmos Vive headsets, with the same mounted SteamVR base stations and the original Vive wand controllers.

The new Cosmos Elite model was announced alongside another Cosmos model called the Cosmos Play. That model comes with two of the newer Vive Cosmos controllers and an inside-out tracking system, however it only uses four cameras for tracking compared to the original Vive Cosmos’ six. The Cosmos Play is also missing the side-mounted headphones found in the standard Cosmos and Cosmos Elite, however, you can use your own.

There is a bit of confusion around the price of the Cosmos Play, with initial (but then retracted) figures suggesting a price of $499. The price remains unfinalized, but HTC said they want to keep it as “consumer friendly as possible.” While the Cosmos Elite is now available to preorder, the Cosmos Play does not yet have a release date.

The Vive Cosmos Elite is available to preorder for $899 online now. Existing Cosmos owners who want to purchase the SteamVR tracking faceplate by itself, to use with an existing SteamVR tracking setup, should be able to do so in Q2 of this year, however this is not yet any set price or release date.

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