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HP Reverb G2 Ships In November, New Orders Arrive December

HP Reverb G2 Ships In November, New Orders Arrive December

The upcoming HP Reverb G2 PC-powered headset should start arriving to buyers in early November, according to HP.

New orders placed September 24 or afterward should start arriving to customers in early December.

“Customers who has already pre-ordered the HP Reverb can expect to receive their shipments this fall, starting in early November 2020. Pre-orders are expected to be prioritized for the time/date the order was made to our channel partners,” a blog post from HP explains. “Demand has been high so all pre-orders made starting today, September 24 will start arriving to customers from channel partners in early December.”

The $599 Reverb G2 headset features four cameras and the same audio system as the high-end Valve Index, alongside IPD fitting adjustment and extremely high resolution with Valve optics. We’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on the finished HP product to see how it compares to Index, Oculus Quest 2, and others.

Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook is expected to start arriving in early October with orders already backordered to November in some countries from some retailers. It is still early in the shopping season for the holidays but it is already starting to look like demand for VR in 2020 could outstrip supply, at least for some VR systems. Facebook is also planning a 90 Hz mode for Oculus Quest 2 that we’re curious to see in comparison to Reverb G2.

Did you order a Reverb G2 when pre-orders popped up earlier this year? Are you planning to order one soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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