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'Here They Lie' Is A Terrifying PlayStation VR Game Releasing This Fall

'Here They Lie' Is A Terrifying PlayStation VR Game Releasing This Fall

Sony Santa Monica – the studio behind the God of War series – is bringing a new game to the hotly anticipated PlayStation VR headset, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the company’s Monday night E3 press conference.

Here They Lie is a joint effort between Santa Monica and newcomer studio Tangentleman. A self-described “team of weirdos [from] a garage in Los Angeles,” Tangentleman summarizes its freshman VR title as, “a dark psychological horror experience that transports you to a terrifying, surreal world inhabited by strange and malevolent creatures.”

The trailer above is enough to drive home just how horrifying Here They Lie could be. Many VR games are able to draw successful scared by simply leveraging the platform’s hyper-immersive capabilities. Games like Dreadhalls revel in forcing you to anticipate the bang, Here They Lie seems perfectly content to show you exactly what it is you should be fearing.


Despite how promising the game looks, Here They Lie was notably absent from PlayStation’s traditional keynote at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

On Monday night, Sony did what it has become increasingly known to do – close out E3’s press conference portion with a bang. Sony showed off amazing title after amazing title and PlayStation VR experiences were featured prominently during this content downpour. Batman, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy are all getting VR experiences and Sony took the time to debut those games from the E3 stage.

Here They Lie, however, had to wait until an after-conference blog post published the news of its release onto the PlayStation Blog. It’s not entirely uncommon for E3 press conferences to feature last minute shakeups, especially for Sony. This year the company was trying to keep its presentation to a concise hour and the most likely scenario is that it simply realized it had to trim the talk to keep it on pace as kickoff approached.

Whatever the case, Here They Lie certainly seems to be up to the standards set by the heavy hitters announced on stage and fans of a good fright should be avidly looking forward to its release on PS4 and PS VR this fall.

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