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Half-Life: Opposing Force Gets VR Support On Oculus Quest With Lambda1 Mod Update

Half-Life: Opposing Force Gets VR Support On Oculus Quest With Lambda1 Mod Update

A few months ago the Lambda1 Half-Life VR Oculus Quest mod added support for the game’s first expansion, Blue Shift. This week, developer DrBeef also added support for the next expansion, Opposing Force.

An update to Lambda1 adds a raft of new features, Opposing Force support among them. Released in late 1999, Opposing Force was the second expansion developed not by Valve itself but instead Gearbox Software, now known for the Borderlands series. Whereas Blue Shift cast players as a guard in the Black Mesa facility, this expansion has you stepping into the shoes of a soldier.

In the original Half-Life, the military is sent in to Black Mesa to destroy any trace of the alien outbreak, including Gordon Freeman. Opposing Force finds its protagonist going it alone, however.

Also added in this update is support for a single controller and the ability to configure controls. You can see the full changelog here. If you need help installing the game on Quest, we’ve got a handy guide right here. There’s also more specific instructions for the expansions here.

With Opposing Force’s addition, all PC-based expansions to Half-Life now support VR on Oculus Quest. There was a third and final expansion, though it was a co-op campaign exclusive to PS2. As much as we’d like to play that in VR, we wouldn’t expect it to work out.

Still, with the entire catalogue now on Quest, you’ll have plenty to play in the build up to the release of Half-Life: Alyx next month. And Valve is pretty confident it really will be out next month.

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