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Watch: Half-Life 1 Inside Alyx Is An Amazing Fusion Of Gaming History

Watch: Half-Life 1 Inside Alyx Is An Amazing Fusion Of Gaming History

The latest Half-Life: Alyx mod ports a portion of the original game in the series into VR headsets like never before.

The original Half-Life is no stranger to VR ports; there’s an excellent one for the Oculus Quest for starters. But this Half-Life 1 Alyx mod from КотЭ, which extends up to the third chapter of the game, is very different. It’s a fascinating fusion of the two games, with Alyx’s controls and mechanics meeting the original game’s environments and enemies.

Half-Life 1 Alyx Mod Footage

Of course, you can’t play Half-Life without swinging a crowbar, but melee mechanics are missing from Alyx. They’ve been implemented here and it just about works (though it’s a little confusing working out when you’re doing damage and when you aren’t). Plus you physically reach out to activate health stations and climb ladders with your hands.

It’s a strange experience, especially when you realize you can’t put the crowbar in your inventory and try to negotiate getting up ladders and through levels keeping it firmly held the entire time. Against all odds, though, it sort of works. Hopefully the developer goes back to add more levels in the future.

This is just the latest in a series of really impressive Alyx mods we’ve seen. Last time, we checked out a Goldeneye mod that was incredibly faithful, and we’ve also seen lightsabers, horde modes and much more. It’s safe to say that the game’s modding community is starting to flourish; we hope to see bigger, more elaborate fan-made content going forward.

Are you going to check out the Half-Life 1 Alyx mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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