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Watch: Gorn Oculus Quest Gameplay Reveals A First-Class Port

Watch: Gorn Oculus Quest Gameplay Reveals A First-Class Port

In case you had any worries about how Free Live’s frantic gladiator game, Gorn, holds up on standalone, fear not, it’s pretty great. Watch our Gorn Oculus Quest gameplay below and see for yourself.

This gloriously gory and ridiculously slapstick VR game has long been one of our favorite titles on PC VR and PSVR, and it’s finally due for release on Oculus Quest next week on January 28th. But, even though Gorn has already seen a very good PSVR port at the hands of 24 Bit Games, we were concerned the Quest might not be able to handle the game’s demanding physics-driven combat.

Of course, we’ll warn you the below video is very gory. Video was captured on Oculus Quest 2.

Gorn Oculus Quest Gameplay Revealed

Having played the opening level, though, it appears all’s well in the arena. We’ll have a more in-depth graphics comparison between the different versions soon but, for now, enjoy nearly 12 minutes of gameplay that shows what shape the game’s in.

Granted, the game’s cartoonish visuals might not be pushing the boundaries of VR realism, but I was most concerned that Gorn’s mechanics might suffer in the transition to Quest. Much to my delight/horror I could still pluck limbs off of meat-headed opponents and toss them at others as weapons. Sharp blades still slice and dice with precision, resulting in uncomfortably bloody and unreasonably hilarious kills.

Gorn Oculus Quest Gameplay 2Yes the visuals are inevitably simplified, but the art style still holds up well inside Quest. Most importantly, of course, it just feels great to finally be playing Gorn without a wire. As great as the game is on PC and PSVR, its physicality has always been held back by that wire tugging at your head. On Quest, it feels like the game’s finally been unleashed. May god have mercy on your precious ornaments.

What did you make of our Gorn Oculus Quest gameplay? Let us know in the comments below! The game goes live on the Oculus store on January 28th.

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