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A Free Godzilla Game Will Launch Alongside PlayStation VR in Japan

A Free Godzilla Game Will Launch Alongside PlayStation VR in Japan

Sony’s PlayStation VR is gearing up for launch in a few months’ time, and those buying it in Japan will be getting a special experience on release day.

Game Watch is reporting and Gematsu is translating that a Godzilla VR game will be launching on the device when it hits on October 13th, the same day as in the US. Currently going by the working title of Shin Godzilla Special Demo Contents for PlayStation VR (please change that soon), the piece is a collaboration between both Sony Japan and Toho. It’s based on the new Godzilla movie, Godzilla Resurgence, which is due to release next month in Japan and retains a look very similar to the 1954 original that spawned a cultural icon.

In it, you’ll come face-to-face with the enormous beast, which will measure in at 118.5 meters tall in this particular version. Data from the movie itself is being used to accurately recreate Godzilla in VR. There’s no word on if you’ll be able to interact with the monster in any way, though we imagine it will be quite a spectacle all the same. It’s set to be free for a limited time, though it’s not clear if the experience will disappear or simply become a premium item once that period is over.

This is the second movie tie-in experience we’ve seen for PlayStation VR, the first being a promotional game for Sony Pictures’ 2015 movie, The Walk. Recently we also saw the first advert of sorts on the HMD, as Nissan gave football fans a spin through a city in one of its latest cars. It proves that the kit is certainly capable of more than just games, though that’s certainly Sony’s focus for it right now.

You can see that in the sheer number of high-profile games that were announced for PlayStation VR at E3 this week, which include new Batman, Final Fantasy and Star Wars experiences, as well as the full Resident Evil 7. No word yet on if the Shin Godzilla demo could make it to the west.

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