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E3 2019: I Expect You To Die ‘Seat Of Power’ Mission Coming In July

E3 2019: I Expect You To Die ‘Seat Of Power’ Mission Coming In July

Schell Games is adding a new spy mission to I Expect You To Die in July.

That means one of VR’s best puzzle games is getting better with its sixth mission on July 16.

Schell Games is headed by developer, author and professor Jesse Schell and the studio’s groundbreaking title I Expect You To Die (IEYTD) provided early examples of gameplay built around intuitive hand interactions in VR. The game currently features five challenges — “Friendly Skies”, “Squeaky Clean”, “Deep Dive”, “Winter Break” and “First Class” — with each prompting players for intricate interactions making playful use of hand controllers in its spy-themed world. The game doesn’t sacrifice anything with its recent release on Oculus Quest and, in fact, may be the best way to play IEYTD. The game includes cross-buy in the Oculus version so if you buy it from Facebook for the Rift it should also be available on Quest.

Schell Games revealed the new mission “Seat of Power” during the E3 VR showcase and that it’ll launch July 16. The new mission takes players inside the board room of the evil Zoraxis Corporation and its trailer teases some of the interactions available in the scene, which comes as a free update to people who already bought the game.

“As long as you don’t touch anything you shouldn’t have any trouble,” the voice-over in the trailer teases as the player tosses about everything. “We expect nothing less than your usual professionalism.”

While we’re looking forward to the new mission in IEYTD, Schell Games is also developing sword-fighting VR game Until You Fall for release this year.

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