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E3 2019: Here's The First Footage Of Budget Cuts On PlayStation VR

E3 2019: Here's The First Footage Of Budget Cuts On PlayStation VR

Neat Corporation revealed the first ever footage of Budget Cuts running on the PlayStation VR.

Neat Corp first announced that a PSVR version of the game was in the works back in January and showed the new footage today during our E3 VR showcase.

The developer partnered with UK-based developer Coatsink for the port to PlayStation. Coatsink is one of the few studios with years of experience in mobile VR and PlayStation VR development. The developer released six games on Oculus mobile platforms, one of which was ported to PSVR. The studio also worked with PlayStation 4 for their non-VR title Shu.

Budget Cuts was originally a tech demo for the HTC Vive back in early 2016. It was one of the first VR experiences to integrate a teleportation mechanic into the lore of the game itself. Players are equipped with a “translocator” device which fires a ball shaped locator in an arc. Once it lands, in front of you you see a portal which you can look through to preview where you’d end up. By hitting the grip trigger you then teleport through.

The full game launched over two years later in June 2018 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Neat Corp managed to turn their impressive tech demo into a full fledged 3-9 hour game (it varies greatly based on playstyle). In the same tweet that originally announced the game for PSVR, Neat Corp also stated that they would “look into” an Oculus Quest port after the PSVR port was finished.

Budget Cuts will launch on PlayStation VR in fall of this year.

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