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Demeo Exceeded Half A Million In Revenue In First 48 Hours

Demeo Exceeded Half A Million In Revenue In First 48 Hours

According to Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games, Demeo had an incredibly successful launch last week.

In a thread of tweets, Palm spoke to both the financial and critical success that the game received in the days following its launch last Thursday.

“In 48 hours, @DemeoGame exceeded half a million in revenues, saw a staggering day 1 retention of 63% and has the highest Metacritic score in my career (90),” he said on Twitter (although not specifying the currency of revenue generation). “It’s so exciting to see VR reach this state of maturity. We’re finally in a time when a new IP can sell significant revenues right out of the gate.”

Palm also noted that the launch was not without its technical hurdles and that the game “isn’t perfect”, but that the Resolution team is already working on updates and fixes. More content is also on the way, with the Realm of the Rat King expansion set for a Summer 2021 release.

Demeo is a VR tabletop game that implements some RPG elements and supports co-op play with up to 4 people. In our review, we noted that the game may not have the deepest RPG and tabletop mechanics, but it is easily one of the best social VR experiences we’ve tried to date:

It’s a near-peerless social VR experience, polished to such a degree that it transforms the kinks of its systems into enjoyable, suspenseful quirks. Facing its brutish hordes with friends at your side is a thrilling, collaborative endurance test; defeat is met with entertained cries of anguish while victory — rare as that may be — is celebrated with the sort of group-wide elation you might have been missing in this tough past year.

You can read more in our full Demeo review.

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