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Demeo Realm Of The Rat King Launches Later This Month

Demeo Realm Of The Rat King Launches Later This Month

Resolution Games’ Demeo is getting its first campaign expansion later this month with Realm Of The Rat King.

We adored Resolution’s tabletop role-playing game when it debuted and we labeled it an essential VR title. The Dungeons & Dragons-style game puts you and up to three others around a board trying to strategize your way through uncharted territory with turn-based rolls of the die determining your fate. It can be brutally difficult, with sessions lasting multiple hours only for a couple of mistakes (or bad rolls) to undermine the campaign. The entire journey is an absolute blast and the way it encourages social interaction represents a masterclass in VR design. The game cleared half a million in revenue in just the first 48 hours on sale.

Still, Demeo only launched with one campaign and that left fans who completed the multi-hour journey itching for more. That’ll change on June 28 when Realm Of The Rat King launches. The release date for the new campaign was confirmed during the Upload VR Showcase alongside an update for Resolution’s shooter Blaston, which is getting a single-player campaign.

You can check out the segment in the video below:

Demeo is available on PC VR and Oculus Quest with cross-play included. The developers are also planning a traditional flat-screen version of the game.

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