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Crytek Offers First Look at The Climb With Oculus Touch

Crytek Offers First Look at The Climb With Oculus Touch

Those attending E3 this week will get a chance to try Crytek’s Oculus Rift exclusive, The Climb, with Oculus Touch controllers. For everyone at home, the developer has now released a fresh look at the support.

A new blog post over on The Climb‘s official website goes into great detail about the upcoming support for the position-tracked controllers, which are set to launch in the second half of 2016. Producer Onurhan Karaağaçlı talks about how the addition is set to make The Climb a standing experience as opposed to the currently available version, which supports an Xbox One gamepad. Of course you could stand with that version if you wanted to, but Karaağaçlı fully recommends it here, as the GIF below shows.

As you can see, Touch controllers make the experience even more active. According to the developer, The Climb becomes a much more “physical” experience with Oculus Touch, and can even be tiring given that players will often hold their hands above their head. Motion controls also require more precision, and the developer had to consider the physical size of players as they designed routes so that those with longer arms wouldn’t have an advantage.

“We’re really pleased with how it works,” Karaağaçlı said. “The movements in The Climb use real-life physics and are physically similar to reaching up or leaning across as you would to climb in real life, which is part of what makes using Oculus Touch with The Climb such a great experience.”

We reviewed The Climb when it first released a few months ago. Our own Joe Durbin awarded the game 8/10, praising the game’s beautiful graphics – provided by Crytek’s own CRYENGINE – but having issues with the controls, which obviously could be fixed in the near future.

Support for the Touch controllers should be arriving once the controllers are launched. We don’t have a specific date yet, but Oculus is promising to provide more details in the fall.

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