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The Crazy Cast Of 'World War Toons' Revealed In New Trailer

The Crazy Cast Of 'World War Toons' Revealed In New Trailer

Reload Studios’ World War Toons is a little over two months away from entering Open Beta, so it’s well past time we found out a little more about it.

This new trailer for the upcoming VR multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) gives us a deeper look at its cast of characters, focusing on the different abilities that each one offers as well as showcasing plenty of new gameplay.

There’s an interesting mix of abilities on display here, and they’re not all what FPS fans would expect. With no medic class in the game, for example, its the Soldier that has the ability to heal teammates by dropping picnic baskets that will supply nearby allies. The Sniper also has a fairly standard decoy ability, but it’s actually able to cause some damage by blowing up while you sneak around the side for some potshots.

Other powers are completely unique. The Officer has the ability to dodge direct fire with a series of elegant dance moves, but is also able to double jump, opening up shortcuts within a map. Finally, the Heavy class seems to be inspired by a certain enormous green rage monster, with a massive area attack named ‘Bulk Smash’.

Each class will also feature different weapon loadouts, meaning you’ll have to choose carefully between them depending on the map type and your playstyle. World War Toons‘ real challenge will be balancing these classes so that they all feel fair within the context of the game. That’s the key to the success of similar online shooters like Overwatch and, if Reload Studios can pull it off, we could be looking at VR’s first major multiplayer game.

World War Toons will be available on PlayStation VR on October 13th, the same day the headset itself launches. It’s assumed the game is also coming to PC VR headsets, though we’re not sure if the Open Beta for that version will be hitting on the same day. A non-VR version will also be available.

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