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Watch: Contractors Adds WW2 Weapons Soon

Watch: Contractors Adds WW2 Weapons Soon

Modern multiplayer VR FPS Contractors will soon be getting weapons that aren’t exactly state of the art. A Contractors WW2 weapons pack is on the way.

World War 2-era rifles and other weapons will soon be added to the game. You can see them in action below in new footage straight from developer Caveman Studio. Contractor’s WW2 weapon set includes an M1 Garand rifle, as well as vintage pistols and machine guns that you’ll no doubt recognize from other WW2-era games (or just actual history, if that’s your thing).

Contractors WW2 Weapons Revealed

Crucially it looks like Caveman is adding in unique weapon reloading animations for each gun, and firing them looks like a very tactile experience. It could really change up the pace of the game’s combat. The footage is captured on Quest, but expect these weapons to come to other versions of the game too.

Considering that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond won’t be coming to the Oculus Quest anytime soon (if at all), this might be the best way to get your WW2 fix in VR for now. There are no details yet on if this will be an update or a DLC, and Caveman hasn’t revealed a release date for the weapons.

Contractors officially released on Quest a few weeks back and has proved pretty popular so far, racking up over 500 reviews on the Oculus Store. The game offers a variety of online multiplayer modes including cooperative and competitive options, as well as cross-play between Oculus Rift and Quest.

Will you be checking out Contractors’ WW2 weapons pack? Let us know in the comments below!



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