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Buy 'Damaged Core' This Week, Get Access To 'Dragon Front' Beta Later

Buy 'Damaged Core' This Week, Get Access To 'Dragon Front' Beta Later

High Voltage Software’s first VR game has just released, and if you pick it up soon you’ll get access to its next one.

An Oculus blog post announcing the release of Damaged Core, the developer’s new first-person shooter for the Oculus Rift, confirms that anyone that picks it up from today until 11:59pm PT on September 6 (in other words: launch week) will get beta access to its upcoming collectible card game, Dragon Front.

The news comes as something of a relief; Dragon Front had pretty much vanished from the radar after missing its original Q2 2016 beta window. The game is a hugely promising multiplayer card battler that could bring the addictive thrills of similar games like Hearthstone to VR. Cards come to life as they’re placed on a table and lock in combat with the enemy. It’s a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh! or, perhaps more accurately, the recently released Ascension VR.

The game is also coming to the Gear VR, and will feature cross-platform multiplayer alongside the Oculus Rift version.

We’re sure there will be other ways to get into the Dragon Front beta, though neither Oculus nor High Voltage Software have said anything about that yet. Sadly, we still don’t know when the beta will actually be launching, though this is still an excellent little bonus for early adopters.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that Damaged Core itself is actually a brilliant game, earning our highest review score yet and the crown of the king of VR shooters.

Damaged Core stands as the new high-water mark that VR game studios should strive to surpass,” Joe Durbin said in our review. “Its amazing execution should serve to catapult this entire industry into a higher level of excellence. Damaged Core is a brilliant game, an important game, and one that absolutely deserves the score you see above. The new king of VR shooters has arrived.”

You can’t get much better than that.

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