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Boneworks Breaks Steam's Top 100 Player Count On Launch Day

Boneworks Breaks Steam's Top 100 Player Count On Launch Day

Stress Level Zero’s anticipated VR shooter, Boneworks, has been available for about four hours now. In that time, it’s already broken the top 100 in Steam’s Current Player Count list.

As of the 1:45pm PT update, the Boneworks Steam player count is sitting 60th on the list and is, from what we can tell, the only VR-only game on there. At the time of writing 7,913 people are playing the game and the peak number of players for the day is 8,717. And this is while people are still at school and out at work; there’s a good chance that rises further later in the day.

Boneworks Steam Top 100

That position puts Boneworks ahead of even games like No Man’s Sky and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at this point in time. Granted those games are available on a range of other platforms and old releases, but given you can only play Boneworks with a PC VR headset, this is still an impressive sight. You can’t get the game on the Oculus Store, either.

And it’s well deserved, too; we though Boneworks was a stunning showcase of VR physics, even if its single-player campaign wasn’t quite as tight as the games that clearly inspired it.

“Boneworks never sweeps you away on the same kind of rollercoaster ride its biggest influences charted,” we said in our review, “but you’d be hardpressed not to get carried away on its own journey; one of interactive wizardry, devilishly gratifying combat and stunning physical authenticity, even if that occasionally works against you.”

Not bad for your first day, then. We’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty of updates to Boneworks over the coming days, weeks and months. Stress Level Zero is also working on a spin-off to the series for Oculus Quest, which we’re due to see next year.

Are you picking up Boneworks today? Let us know in the comments below!

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