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Beat Saber Update Adds New Modifiers, Multiplayer Still Delayed On PSVR

Beat Saber Update Adds New Modifiers, Multiplayer Still Delayed On PSVR

Beat Saber’s Update v1.13.4 released today, adding new modifiers and some other small tweaks. Beat Games also confirmed that multiplayer is still still delayed (but the “team continues to work” on it) for PSVR.

You can see that the main takeaway here in the embedded tweet about are the new modifiers. Adding more modifiers is great, since they’re a popular way to extend the life of the game and add more replayability to songs you may have previously mastered.

However, I’m a bit surprised to see the main menu background UI music changed. So many people have listened to that humming away as ambient noise for years that it will be a big shift to adapt to hearing something brand new there. The badges are nice too. you’ll be able to earn them and equip them next to your name for doing things like getting a Full Combo (the “Perfectionist” badge) or having the best precision (the “Saber Surgeon” badge) in a round.

In addition to the update news though, the Beat Saber Twitter account also updated PSVR users that have been waiting on news about multiplayer support. Late last year all other platforms got the multiplayer update, including the new avatar system, but PSVR users are still waiting for a release window or update on how it’s going.

Today’s tweet doesn’t really give any clear information, but it does say that “the team continues to work on Multiplayer and will update here when we have more to share,” so there’s that at least.

Let us know what you think of the update down in the comments below!

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