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Beat Saber 5-Player Multiplayer Finally Coming In October, BTS Music Pack On The Way

Beat Saber 5-Player Multiplayer Finally Coming In October, BTS Music Pack On The Way

Finally! On October 13th Beat Saber is getting its long-awaited multiplayer update which includes support for five players. The update launches on the same day as the release for the newly unveiled Oculus Quest 2. Also, a BTS music pack is coming to Beat Saber later this year!

One of the big highlights of Facebook Connect today if you’re a rhythm game fan was undoubtedly the news that Beat Saber is finally getting multiplayer support. This is a feature that has literally been teased for years by Beat Games, so it’s long overdue. In fact, just about two years ago, the developer indicated on Twitter that multiplayer support was 85% complete and would be added “quickly” after finishing the PSVR port. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

Details are scarce still on what exactly multiplayer will entail for Beat Saber, but according to a press release from Facebook you’ll be able to, “pick your avatar, join a private party or random match, and prepare to dance off with your friends” which makes it sound like more of a party game mode. Hopefully there is some mode variety to do things like head-to-head real-time Beat Saber battles or even some creative modes that involve taking turns or dueling, similar to classic Guitar Hero games.

Additionally, we learned that BTS is getting its very own music pack for Beat Saber with 12 hit songs coming this November. The BTS pack will include multiplayer mode support and the TinyTAN characters, shown in the image above.

The press release only lists Rift and Quest for both of these updates, but since that press release came from Facebook that makes sense. We don’t have confirmation from Facebook on this particular issue yet, but we expect both of these updates will release on every other platform on the same day just like previous recent updates. They stated support for other platforms will continue when Facebook purchased Beat Games last year.

What do you think of the news? Will you be checking out Beat Saber multiplayer? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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