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Beat Saber Dev Calls For Original Music For DLC

Beat Saber Dev Calls For Original Music For DLC

Beat Saber players will be able to create their very own levels very soon, but that doesn’t mean developer Hyperbolic Magnetism isn’t on the hunt for new music to integrate more officially.

The official Beat Saber Twitter account yesterday put out a call for original music demos. Artists can email their tracks to for a chance to have their content released as an exclusive track for the game via DLC. The studio noted that it’s not looking for remixes or mashups here (for obvious reasons): it wants original music. It’s also not clear how Hyperbolic might compensate artists for their content right now.

As with the existing game, these tracks will serve as the foundation for a flurry of notes that will fly towards the player as they listen to them. Players must then slash these notes using one of the two lightsabers they hold in their hands, making sure colors match up and the direction of the swipe correlates with what’s shown on the note.

Currently Beat Saber only features ten songs in its Early Access release, so it will be great to get some more official content even if we don’t yet know if we’ll have to pay for it or not. An update arriving this week will let players get to grips with an alpha version of the creator, though it won’t feature any kind of online sharing hub just yet. You’ll need to download and share levels manually to do that.

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