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BBC Brings Planet Earth And More To VR With Taster App

BBC Brings Planet Earth And More To VR With Taster App

The BBC has been testing the waters of VR for a few years now, but today the organization takes a deeper dive.

The BBC Taster VR app has just launched for free on iOS and Android for use with mobile-based headsets like Google Cardboard. While previous VR experiences like Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel and The Turning Forest have been completely standalone releases, the Taster app will act as a sort of hub for other types of content like 360 degree videos and animated VR experiences as well as experimental ideas like branching narratives and using dynamic binaural audio. You can check out a trailer for the app here.

Currently the app features content from the BBC Three channel and new videos from the smash hit series, Planet Earth II. The former consists of a 360 degree trailer for the upcoming documentary, One Deadly Weekend In America, which focuses on gun crime in the US. It was created with the help of Parable VR.

Planet Earth II content, meanwhile, features interactive 360 degree content that allows the user to choose their own path through the story. More content will be added over the coming weeks and months.

Sadly, no Dr. Who VR yet, then. Where’s that at, BBC?

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