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AWE 2017 Announces Keynotes And Speaking Sessions

AWE 2017 Announces Keynotes And Speaking Sessions

The acronym for Augmented World Expo (AWE) welcomes a wonderful play on words, recognizing the incredible minds behind augmented and virtual reality as the tech superheroes they are and having attendees to stare in “AWE” at their work. Even their website and trailer (below) for 2017’s expo imbue a heroic theme, building buzz for the event with high energy.

Today, they’ve announced the keynotes and speaking sessions for its 8th year and it certainly seems excitement for AWE permeates across the tech industry as they gain more and more notable speakers, exhibitors, and partners.

The event’s three keynotes will be hosted by “Shots of Awe” filmmaker, philosopher and futurist Jason Silva, “The Fourth Transformation” author and Transformative Group partner Robert Scoble, and game designer, author and Carnegie Mellon scholar Jesse Schell. In addition, over 300 speakers are on the agenda from a wide range of companies in and around the AR and VR industries. Individuals from companies such as HTC Vive, NVIDIA, Osterhout, Unity, castAR, Qualcomm, Leap Motion, Meta, Verizon, Dell, Oculus, and more will be among the over 300 featured speakers in attendance.

“Together, iconic technology companies, Fortune 500 brands and pure platform startups are building groundbreaking experiences and business models using augmented and virtual reality, at a pace we’ve never seen before,” said Ori Inbar, founder and executive producer of AWE in a prepared statement. “We are excited to have AWE back in Silicon Valley this year for what we expect to be our biggest and most inclusive event yet. AWE has become the premier deal-making marketplace for the AR+VR industry, where Fortune 500 companies find business solutions, strategic partnerships are forged, funds raised, talent hired, and new startups are born.”

AWE 2017 is being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from May 31st to June 2nd. Event details and registration options are now live at the official website.

Additional reporting performed by David Jagneaux.

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