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E3 2019: Vertigo Games Reveals VR Shooter, After The Fall

E3 2019: Vertigo Games Reveals VR Shooter, After The Fall

After The Fall is the next big VR title from Vertigo Games, the developer of Arizona Sunshine.

The game was just revealed on our E3 VR Showcase, where members of Vertigo joined us to give more details. Like Arizona before it, After The Fall is a first-person shooter with cooperative multiplayer support. Unlike its original zombie killer, though, Vertigo’s latest has you fighting back monsters named the Snowbreed in the frozen wastes of an alternate history Los Angeles.

Check out the first trailer right here. No gameplay for now, but fans of Arizona Sunshine should feel right at home with this tease. We have a few screenshots below too.

A new ice age has taken Earth by blizzard, with much of the population mutating into twisted Snowbreed. Players can either team up with friends or go out on missions by themselves, tackling hordes of enemies with upgradable guns, melee weapons and special powers. Over the course of levels, you’ll gather loot, spend resources at workbenches and tackle massive bosses. Think of it a little like VR’s answer to Left4Dead. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

When off-mission you’ll busy yourself in a hub world with other players. You can meet up with friends there or make new ones. Crucially, Vertigo is promising an expansive endgame component to the game, with evolving missions that give you reasons to keep coming back.

Interested in giving it at try? Head to the game’s official website, where you can sign up for a beta.

After The Fall will be coming to major VR headsets sometime next year. Sadly we don’t have more specifics beyond that right now. As for our E3 VR Showcase? We’ve got plenty more announcements to check out!

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