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50 Days Of PS VR #37: 'Megaton Rainfall' Is The Superman Sim We've Been Waiting For

50 Days Of PS VR #37: 'Megaton Rainfall' Is The Superman Sim We've Been Waiting For

37 days to go! We’re counting down to the release of PlayStation VR on October 13th by highlighting one game a day for the anticipated headset. Today we’re donning our capes and saving the planet with Megaton Rainfall.

The amount of loud explosions and supersonic punches in Zack Snyder’s Superman movies may make for messy films, but we’d still love to try our hand at them in VR. Sadly, it doesn’t look like an official VR game starring the Man of Steel is on the cards right now, but we might still get our thrills from Pentadimensional Games’ new superhero simulator, Megaton Rainfall.

Confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation VR last year, Megaton seemingly has the perfect setup for any superhero game: aliens are invading in droves, and you, an indestructible super-powered being, are the only one that can stop them.

Cities are procedurally generated, and topple with ease against the might of the alien army. In other words: things quickly turn into the final hour of a Michael Bay Transformers movie, and you’ll have to stop the destruction as fast as possible. Take a look at the game’s reveal trailer below to see what I mean.

Right now we know that your powers include flight and some sort of projectile attack, but the game will apparently also feature upgrades that grant you new abilities. We’d certainly like to try out super strength, and maybe a little laser vision wouldn’t hurt either (well, wouldn’t hurt us, anyway).


You’ll have more than just one Metropolis to defend, though. Megaton Rainfall gives you an entire world to fly across, which is a liberating feeling but also heavily adds to the challenge. While the player’s character is invincible, the cities you protect aren’t. You’ll have to zip back and forth, saving them from total annihilation, while also measuring your own attacks to make sure you don’t cause any damage yourself. Miss an enemy and you might hit a skyscraper, for example. It’s an ingenious way to make a player feel powerful but also present them with a challenge.

Megaton Rainfall‘s biggest trial might be to do with simulation sickness, though. Having the power to fly around the world is a dream many of us want to realize in VR, but doing so without making the player feel queasy is going to be tough to say the least. Eagle Flight, for example, handles flight by narrowing the field of view during intense movement.  We haven’t seen the game in a while, though, so maybe its creator has been toiling away at making it a more comfortable and refined experience.

We’re not sure when Megaton Rainfall is going to release, though it’s been in the works for some time now. We’re hoping that means it won’t drop too far behind PlayStation VR’s October 13th release date.


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