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10 Best And Most Fun Custom Rooms In Rec Room

10 Best And Most Fun Custom Rooms In Rec Room

Rec Room is still one of the most active and consistently updated online multiplayer platforms in VR. That said, much of its appeal is through creating and sharing custom rooms, which have allowed people to invent their own ways to play together with others.

If you’re curious about playing around in Rec Room, you might find that there are an overwhelming number of custom rooms to try out. We’re absolutely just skimming the surface here, as it’s virtually impossible to know how many great new rooms have been created in the time since this article was written, but here are our top picks for custom rooms in Rec Room thus far, simply ordered alphabetically!

And if you haven’t already, definitely check out the official game modes like Paintball, Questing, Stunt Runner, and more.



^armadilloPVP is a remake of Armadillo from the Red Dead Redemption series. Players drop in for free-for-all PVP combat here, which doesn’t actually have any end goal or structure, and can quickly become frantic as a result. Despite the annoying bits, the ^armadilloPVP map itself is the most interesting part of the package, complete with an arsenal of cleverly disguised weapons (made to look like their counterparts from RDR) and a delicately reconstructed model of the Armadillo settlement.



^BloodBorne is a near-perfect replica of the Hunter’s Dream from PS4-exclusive action-RPG Bloodborne. It captures the spooky aura of the original extremely well, making it a cool place to bring out your dark side. As an added bonus, it even contains a few custom weapons based on the ones available in Bloodborne. There’s also a ‘training ground’ where you can try them out on dummies.



^CarouselPark is exactly what it sounds like: a carousel park that you can visit with friends and even jump aboard for a spin. The carousel is fully animated and climbable, letting you saddle up and sit back. Adding to the atmosphere is music, art installations, and toy action figures that you can pick up and play with.



Don’t assume that a Rec Room room can’t scare you. ^EscapeRoomHauntedMansion is more haunted, in the literal sense, than it has any right to be. It’s full of low-budget jumpscares and unsettling world design – the mansion is cursed with plenty of tight corners and spooky-looking figures – but what stands out is its use of lighting, or rather, the lack thereof. Most of the haunted house is pitch black, forcing you and your buddies to use flashlights to navigate through it.

recroom_magicaeacademy_1 (1)


Ever wanted to hang out and sling spells at your buds in Rec Room? ^MagicaeAcademy is a fully-modeled high fantasy castle, almost like a cross between the Disney Castle and Hogwarts, where you can use gestures to cast spells with – or against – other wizards. The tall structures and elegant architecture are a breathtaking sight to behold in Rec Room, showing just how robust the Maker Pen can be. This room is currently private, but we got a chance to peek at it and we hope it goes public again soon!



^Millennium_Falcon is a loving recreation of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, complete with explorable corridors, cockpit, cargo bay, and lounge. Everybody’s favorite little droid R2D2 makes an appearance onboard the replica ship as well. This is easily one of the coolest ‘tourist’ locations to bring your friends for photos and long Star Wars-related debates.



If you’re interested in getting physical during your visit to Rec Room, there’s always rock climbing. ^RecRockClimbing is possibly the most interesting of the custom climbing rooms in Rec Room, offering at least seven different courses to climb up, each with their own gimmicks and challenges.



^rp_unioncity is like the Rec Room variant of DarkRP, a roleplay mod made famous by Garry’s Mod that simulates persistent factions in a ‘real life’ setting. ^rp_unioncity attempts to reinterpret this with gangs and delivery drops, though the gameplay is pretty light. The ^rp_unioncity map is impressive, however, boasting an entire downtown district with moving vehicles.



^SpookyManor is like a much more chilled out version of ^EscapeRoomHaunted, placing you on a moving ride that takes you through a Halloween-themed mansion. It doesn’t have any jumpscares to speak of, so bring some friends, sit back, and enjoy the ride.



There’s no place like home for the holidays. That’s why ^TacoWinterLodge is the best place to call home in Rec Room. It’s a gorgeous winter lodge nestled at the top of some explorable foothills, and once you make your way up the trail to the lodge, you’re met with Christmas tunes and a roaring fire that feels too inviting not to sit down next to. ^TacoWinterLodge is a lovely place to hang out with others during the holiday season; the only thing missing is a mug of hot cocoa.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know down in the comments below!

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